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SIC – Safe Informed Crews vs Short Interval Control

The most significant risk to having any worker adopt a new technology is in making sure they understand why it is something they should have a desire to use because it will make their lives better! If you impose SIC without doing so, the impression is likely to be that you are making them use something that they don’t perceive to be useful to their job.

PACE Productivity Leader Webinar: Get to the Gemba!

PACE Productivity Leader Webinar Series with Dan Draper, PACE Green Belt Coach Dan Draper, discusses “Going to the Gemba” – visiting the place you need to collect data from, creating work plans and collecting data.

Managing Change

Managing Change – how to engage people, deal with the resistance and sustain the change in your workplace with PACE Green Belt Coach, Dan Draper. About the host: Recently retired as the Dean of Health Sciences from Cambrian College, Dan has an extensive background in education and health care. Dan has also lead long term […]

Huddling for Employee Engagement

Huddle boards are a hot item these days across organizations both in the public and private sector and so they should be! A sure fire way to improved employee engagement and productivity. If you’re thinking about implementing a huddle board, we invite you to join us before you do.  

Bringing Lean Home

Northern Ontario — For the first time in Northeastern Ontario, Lean training will be offered locally in an open training format for individuals and organizations with an interest in refining their business processes and making the most of available resources, providing easy access to learning Lean concepts with a significant reduction in time and travel […]