LEAN Green Belt Leadership Certification: October 2018

The focus of this Lean Green Belt is teaching the application of Lean and other tools to help enhance the overall productivity, efficiency and experience of your clients. Students will learn the importance of truly understanding the cross-organizational value stream and designing a culture of continuous improvement that works for your team and the clients you serve.

As a prerequisite, we ask your staff to come prepared with ideas of improvement projects they would like to undertake as there will be an opportunity to apply the learnings in their project scenario.

High-Level Content Overview

  1. Define an actual improvement project from the organization to work towards certification.
  2. Gain expertise in applying Lean Principles and tools to their unique work settings.
  3. Build an in-depth understanding of the value stream mapping, Kaizen and A3 tools.
  4. Develop an understanding of the Voice of the Customer and how it matters.
  5. Learn the importance and application of change management tools.
  6. Get ready to design the culture of continuous improvement unique to your organization’s practices.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Lean Training and How can our Organization benefit from it?

For private businesses, non-profits and large public organizations, Lean is an internationally recognized and proven approach to systematically eliminating waste (time, money, and resources) in organizational processes in order to improve upon quality and productivity while reducing costs.

Which training should I attend Green Belt or Yellow Belt?

The yellow belt training is targeted towards Sr. Organizational Leaders such as CEOs, Directors, Board of Directors etc. who are responsible for supporting other management level leaders with the hands-on implementation. The Green Belt Training is for management/ supervisor/ Front Line staff who will be leading and implementing projects. We highly recommend at least one of your Sr. Leaders attend the Yellow Belt Session in order to fully support the project implementation.

I am not sure which “project” to take on, how do I select a project?

In order to select a project, we highly recommend looking at small areas of improvements or “problems” you would like to see solved in your immediate work environment. The projects you will be working on should be part of your day to day role and have a potential to increase quality or reduce time/ costs for your organization. You can always reach out to our Lean Coach Derek Polano for further coaching on this topic by emailing derek.polano@yourpace.ca

Do I have to have a Yellow Belt Training Certification in order to register for the green belt training?

No, you do not need any prior Lean Training to register, but if you are registering for the Green Belt you do need a project that demonstrates the potential of cost savings, time savings or increase in quality.