Human Services and Health Care

We have been working with PACE for almost a year specifically on the project management and implementation of a new program.  PACE staff (Neha and Derek) are very personable, provide great recommendations and direction, and are flexible in their approach and the services they offer in order to meet the needs of the project and our organization.  I have enjoyed working with PACE and I would recommend their services.

Patty McDonald, Administrative Director

The PACE Team used concrete examples of how to use the Lean tools and I especially appreciated the Lego exercise.

Kathryn Irwin-Seguin, CEOMonarch Recovery Services

Their approach ensured that frontline staff are empowered and actively engaged in serving the needs of clients, while ensuring that the related data is reported and recorded in a simple, seamless and consistent manner. We will be spreading this method of quality improvement across other areas of the organization and we are on track to realize time savings of 1 FTE that will be used to provide more direct client care to those we serve.

Mary Davis, Executive DirectorNipissing Mental Health Housing and Support Services

I have used Lean almost everyday since the training from interpersonal relationships to specific tasks and program insights. I will be meeting with my board to pass along highlights of the training and this new understanding will be useful as we enter our Strategic Planning Process this month

Michelle Goulet, Executive DirectorAnti-Hunger Coalition