Case Studies

Community Service

At PACE our consultants have been responsible for implementing projects in the municipal, provincial and broader public sector environments.

We’ve successfully facilitated a project involving 17 organizations including school boards and child care organizations to collaborate and re-design Ontario’s Special Needs Strategy Proposal. We are responsible for the research, design, program management and implementation of sensitive use sites within the province of Ontario. We have also successfully implemented electronic records systems for municipal emergency service organizations.

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Industrial Sector

Our Six Sigma/ Lean Expertise is best applied in the manufacturing environment and we are eager to work with other manufacturing firms to help you not only improve your bottom line but also promote employee engagement through effective change management.

If you are a manufacturer in Northern Ontario ask us how we can get you a 50% rebate on our consulting fees paid for by the government. We are currently engaging with manufacturers in Northern Ontario to assist with change management, 5S, Process Improvement and operational re-design to boost productivity and improve the quality of your manufactured products.

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Productivity Leader Case Study

Roxane ZuRoxaneck
Monarch Recovery Services

Roxane, Program Supervisor, was able to reduce the time it took to complete assessments for the Pregnancy Parenting Outreach Program (PPOP) by using tools to make the assessment forms more user friendly and creating new procedures.

66% time reduction to complete assessments
Waitlist Eliminated within First 2 Weeks of Implementation

Productivity Leader Case Study


Bruce Drake
Pioneer Manor

Bruce, the Manager of Administration, was able to reduce the amount of time it took to fill open shifts and mitigate the risk of injury and modified work WSIB claims. He was also able to increase staff morale by piloting a shift filling software called StaffStat. Bruce is utilizing the PDSA cycle for ongoing review of the current practise to look for continuous improvement opportunities.

30% less time filling shifts

Productivity Leader Case Study

Melwhite_background (3)anie Briscoe & Shaen Gingrich
North East Specialized Geriatric center

Melanie, the Manager of Clinical Services and Shaen, a Physiotherapist, successfully used productivity tools to streamline the process for preparing for and delivering follow ups at North East Specialized Geriatric center. A set of EMR tools were developed to support the future state and aid clinicians in using a consistent record keeping method.

50% decreased in prep time per follow-up visit $16,068.78 annually in savings

Productivity Leader Case Study


Gayle Cazalet & Josiane Charbonneau
St. Joseph’s Continuing Care Centre

Gayle, Occupational Therapist / Patient Flow Coordinator, and Josiane, RPN/RAI coordinator, identified a delay between the identification of bed vacancy and the bed fulfilment notice. Staff used tools to reduce waste and decrease time from application receipt to admission of the patient in the facility.  Admission documents were made available electronically to facilitate multi user use at the same time.  Visual management tools were put into practice to ensure gains were maintained.

 50% time reduction between referral and admission dates 

Productivity Leader Case Study

Daniel dan (1)Draper
Cambrian College 

Daniel worked on the Admissions variances within limited enrollment (capped) programs at Cambrian College  and is Expected to:

reduce enrollment variability from the current 28% to approximately 16%

Productivity Leader Case Study

chantal (1)

Chantal Makela And Tina Ranta
Canadian Mental Health Association 

Chantal, Manager of Administrative Services and Tina Ranta piloted a project which involved extending direct service hours for 2 hours one day per week to increase client interactions.

The increase hours offer the ability to double intake capacity to an additional potential of servicing another 125 individuals

Productivity Leader Case Study


Gareth Cooper
Dumas Contracting Ltd

Gareth, Regional HR Manager, reduced admin defects in order to improve the flight reservation process with the travel agency, Dumas sites and Dumas flight coordinators.

Error Rate decreased from 50% to 1%

Productivity Leader Case Study

ED_luck (1)

Ed Lusk
Atlas Copco

Ed Lusk, Bit Plant Production Supervisor, used PDSA cycle tools and machine updates in order to reduce the bit plant CNC cycle time.

51% improvement in cycle time 

Productivity Leader Case Study

christen (3)

Christine Savage
Atlas Copco

Christine, IMS Co-ordinator, used the PDSA cycle and productivity tools to improve the RTD Claims process at Atlas Copco. Christine successfully reduced the time required to resolve a claim.

24% reduction in claims response time
Expected cost savings of $360,000 annually

Productivity Leader Case Study

George Sgeorge (2)trydom
Atlas Copco

George, Production Flow Manager, used a series of PDSA (Plan Do Study Act) cycles, continuous updates and analysis of data collection in order to improve inefficiencies including bottlenecks on the rod production line at Atlas Copco.

46% improvement in production
Approximately $200,000 in savings annually