Case Studies

Document Management Case Study

Implemented the Docushare Document Management System Series of projects for a regional community agency enabling them to access their client records electronically while saving over $800,000 worth of employee effort.  By using Lean Process Improvement to improve cycle time, the number of resources required to do the work dropped by over 75%.  In addition, the average document handling time required to get to destination was decreased by over 80% resulting in savings of $800,000.00.

eHealth Enhanced EMR Use Case Study

Worked with a team of 32 Physicians and Nurse Practitioners to help demonstrate the clinical (patient health focussed), organizational and financial value of better utilization of Electronic Medical Records (EMR). Also, completed an enviornmental scan and system gap analysis by engaging with over 350 primary care practitioners including those not utilizing an EMR to understand the factors that would assist with better use and adoption of EMRs. Successfully demonstrated a financial value of $40,000 per medical practice (approx. 15 physicians).

Recognized by for a 2015 National Leading Practice Initiative by Canada Health Infoway and Accreditation Canada.

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Client Call In to Service Cycle Time Case Study

Re-designed the client phone in processes for a regional agency serving over 25,000 clients annually by speeding up the process flow by 62% while reducing errors and meeting the desired state requirements. The resulting cycle time improvement resulted in a significant drop in the time it took an average client to get required services, but also resulted in financial savings of over 69% or the equivalent of $390,000. Improved staff morale and buy-in to the change were also significant value adds to the implementation of this improvement.

Lego® Serious Play® Case Study

LEGO® Serious Play® was used at a Nipissing Mental Health Housing and Support Services (NMHHSS) North Bay Program Planning session in order to bring multiple mental health partners in the North Bay community together, working on the same project. The LEGO® Serious Play® methodology allowed all stakeholders to effectively illustrate their point of view in a comfortable setting. It was successful in that it aided in bringing people from different employment backgrounds together to break down barriers and come to mutual agreements on a collaborative housing project to keep the individuals using the service at the forefront of the planning.

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